Physics class offers hands-on learning through STEM


Photo by Madison Smutz

Corben Burger, Staff Writer

In Ms. Kelsey Piper’s physics class, the students were tasked to make a structure that could hold a small plastic cup of pennies by a string.

The students were divided into groups and were given a set amount of straws, tape and string to create a structure that will support the cup.

Juniors Corben Burger, Christian Dames and Kaylin Niewhoner created a structure that held about 280 pennies.

However, Junior Teague Stewart and senior Hunter Adams’  structure held over 300 pennies before becoming too unstable.

“I feel like I learn more because we do hands-on projects,” Adams said.

This project, along with others, are designed by Piper to encourage critical thinking skills and to help students think like an engineer.

“This was a critical thinking STEM project that dealt with different forces in physics,” Piper said.