Out with the old, in with the round

Skylar Jacobsen, Staff Writer

When visitors enter the Commons, they may be surprised to see the new round tables instead of the large, rectangle tables.

“The tables where from the 90’s, and they were no good anymore” superintendent Ginger Meyer said. “They were starting to fall apart.”

Scribner-Snyder School’s superintendent and school board decided that it was time to get rid of the rectangular tables and get smaller round tables instead. Since the tables are round, students can engage with everyone who is sitting around.

“The tables are great because you can see everyone you are talking to,” senior Nicole Boyle said. “If there were people farther down on the old tables, you wouldn’t talk to them because they were so far away.”

Some studies even show that sitting at round tables boost communication and collaboration.

“I feel that we engage in more conversation than before,” senior Madison Smutz said. “I used to just look at my phone.”

Even though the round tables increase peer communication and most of the students enjoy them, some students realize they need to adapt to the new tables.

“There isn’t enough room for you to eat a hamburger without you bumping into the person you are sitting next to,” senior Hunter Adams said.

Some students also miss how many people they could sit by.

“You can’t fit as many people to a table as you could with the old ones,” Jaxon Smutz said.

New things bring change, and sometimes students and staff will have to get used to it.

“I wasn’t quite sure where to sit and how to sit down,” senior Kaylee Boyle said. “It took a while to get used to them.”