Georgie is Gonegie


Photo of Georgie, Risch’s missing feline. Photo submitted.

Emily Lewin, Staff Writer

It’s tragic when our pets find their way outside the comfort of home and onto the rough and tough streets. That’s why sophomore Micah Risch has asked Scribner-Snyder high school, as well as the Snyder community, to help locate Georgie.

Her efforts to find the frisky Siamese kitty have included a poster on paper and another on her face. Walking through the halls Monday was Risch barring a painting of Georgie on her cheek. Courtesy of FFA.

“It was a sad time for me, and I wanted Georgie to be with me every single moment of the day,” Risch said regarding her cheek painting.

The past few nights, homework was pushed back and search parties were moved to the top of the priority list.

“I had April and Daria take me to look for Georgie. I gave Daymen Jurish jerky to look for him,” Risch said with a sad gleam in her eyes.

Despite her efforts, most agree she is not doing enough to locate her furry family member.

“I think that she should put something in the paper. She should go out more and actually ask people if they’ve seen a cat with the same detail as Georgie,” sophomore Laythen Streit said.

Besides a few snapchat stories and a picture on Instagram, nothing else was posted. No Facebook or Twitter updates. The jury is in, and they say there has not been enough exposure on social media.

“Well one thing, she could’ve actually looked right away and a lot harder than what she has been. She should go out during the day and not night, you can see better ya know,” sophomore Peyton Wolford said.

A true pet owner would not give up so easy. By day four the sophomore had already given up hope.

“There is a 37% chance he’s still alive,” Risch told a Trojan reporter.

Photo by Emily Lewin

The Scribner-Snyder family hopes for Georgie to come safely home. If anyone has seen a Siamese cat with no collar around Snyder, please call 402-459-0272 or 402-515-9054.