Worth the weight

Emily Lewin, Staff Writer

For 40 days, 9 teachers have agreed to embark on a weight loss journey. The prize? A healthier body, money and bragging rights, of course. The competition officially started February 19th and ends March 30th. With the many techniques and salads going around, these contestants have a lot at STEAK.

When it comes to losing weight, some teachers have it in the bag… but others…

“Take my chocolate that I have under my desk,” English teacher Mr. Stevens said.

The creator of this weight loss endeavor, Mrs. Wisneski, conjured up the idea because of the healthy benefits eating right and exercising can bring. That and another reason.

“We want to get ready for summer bikinis,” math teacher Mrs. Wisneski said. “Laugh out loud. That was a joke.”

It’s officially been a week of what some may call torture and others call a slight change to the routine. Techniques being used by the staff include calorie counting, 5,000 steps on a Fitbit and running away from the scale.

The challenge is full of different techniques when it comes to self-restraint.

“I’ve tried to avoid pizza. I said ‘tried.’ And ice cream. Every minute of every day,” Stevens said.

Each interview was different. One teacher liked apples for a healthy snack and another liked oxygen. However, one thing was consistent. Each teacher had a rival.

“My rival is anybody who is actually trying,” math teacher Mrs. Peters said.

One of the top feared competitors is English teacher Mrs. Drey. Many remark on her competitive nature. And they would be right.
“I will rise to the occasion and beat them all,” Drey said with a laugh.

However, even rough and tough Drey has her rival. Across the hall is history teacher Mr. Stewart, four pounds lighter.
“I haven’t even started trying yet,” said Stewart.

After the competition, many look forward to the prize money, a couple pounds lost, or their favorite meal.

“Sam & Louie’s five-cheese pizza, minus the feta, add pepperoni. Along with crab rangoons,” Stevens said with a wistful look in his eyes.

Scribner-Snyder thinks its EGGScellent the teachers are engaging in a competition that reaps healthy benefits. We wish them good luck, and may the reduced calories be with you.