Armed Teachers: The Best Solution?

Christian Dames, Staff Writer

In the recent slew of school shootings in Kentucky and Florida, the fear of future shootings has grown significantly. The United States public has called for heightened gun control laws. A recent topic of debate, however, is whether or not teachers should be armed with firearms in case of a school shooting.

While the idea behind armed teachers is certainly appealing. Teachers trained with a firearm could potentially prevent any future shootings. However, are guns in school really the absolute best solution?

When considering all the options, there are some other alternatives for student safety in schools. The idea of guns in a classroom could potentially be counter-productive. If the student knows where the firearm is located, then half of their plan is already completed.

Additionally, what happens if a teacher shoots and kills the shooter? New laws would have to be made to best handle what happens to the said teacher. Also a potentially lethal approach would take away the shooter’s right to a trial or even getting the help they need.

Also one has to consider the fact that a teacher could be too close to the situation. Would a teacher be able to pull the trigger against one of their own students even if said students are committing a mass shooting? There is always the potential that a teacher is simply too close to the situation.

Perhaps the solution lies in a non-lethal approach to the situation. There are alternative solutions that could work instead of simply arming a teacher with a gun.

One is stationing a police officer on school campus at all times. This would remove the closeness to the situation that a teacher could have. Additionally an officer is trained to handle these types of situations by assessing the problem and taking the best course of action.

Another is arming a teacher with a long range pepper spray or a Taser gun instead of a firearm. This takes away the lethalness of the gun, but still keeps the same idea in place. If teachers knew that the action they took did not kill the student, perhaps they would be able to act more successfully.

Lastly, one of the most obvious ways to ultimately prevent a school shooting is not by creating new security measure in schools. Rather it is changing the way students and people in general treat those around them. Most student shooters commit these horrendous acts simply based on the way they are treated in their everyday lives. Perhaps if people in general took the time and effort to make everyone feel welcomed and appreciated, then these kids would not feel the need to go to the extreme of mass shooting.

As 2018 continues to proceed, today’s society will continue to deal with this tragic problem that young men and women face. However, before sending more guns into schools, maybe it is best to weigh all the options and consider if arming teachers with firearms truly is the best option.