May your March be full of madness

Olivia Dunklau, Staff Writer

It’s almost here! The month almost all basketball fans become thrilled about. That month is March and it’s time to print out your brackets. March Madness is, “the period of the annual NCAA college basketball tournament, with the majority of the competition set in March,” according to’s 21st Century Lexicon.

Back in 1939, Oregon had won over Ohio State. The Oregon Ducks were the first team to win the first NCAA men’s basketball tournament. In 2005, college basketball had become the newest and most favored sport to gamblers, but of course, the Super Bowl comes first in this race. With 70 million brackets, a total of 10.4 million dollars is expected to be the total of bets.

At first, only eight college teams had been requested to play in the tournament. Slowly, more teams had joined until the number hit a total of 65 teams in the tournament by 2001. Today, 68 teams qualify for the tournament. The year 1982 was when the women’s NCAA tournament had started. With 32 teams, it has grown to 64 teams by 1994, and that number remains today.

“Now worse teams have better opportunities to make it into the tournament,” freshmen Ty Sallis said.

Some teams even have those special “Cinderella” moments. The Holter, Lauren says a Cinderella moment is, “Involving a major upset that happens when an underdog rises up out of nowhere to defy expectations and defeat a team that is largely projected to win.” Some of these upsets are unbelievable. They leave one team with great disappointment and the other with a taste of victory.

“I like to watch the Cinderella teams in the tournament,” junior Austin Peters said.

On Selection Sunday, the day all 68 teams are selected for the tournament, you’ll find a lot of fans filling out the newest bracket. Around 70 million brackets are filled out each year of the tournament. President Barack Obama only had 66 million ballots cast in his election.

There are also different rounds in the tournament. When there are sixteen teams remaining, they call it the Sweet Sixteen. Next is the Elite Eight and lastly, the Final Four. Many people stay dedicated to their teams. Win or lose they’ll support them.

“Creighton is winning it all this year,” sophomore Noah Banks said.

This year Selection Sunday will take place on March 11th. The tournament runs through March 13th to April 2nd. Now that you have a little taste of the madness, will you be watching? May your March be full of Madness.