Stress for the Dress

Emily Lewin, Staff Writer

        This high school event comes once a year and puts everyone on their best behavior. Even more important than Christmas, there is prom. It is guaranteed that no one takes prom more seriously than the high school female. The average amount spent on a prom dress is $202. Which is a lot when you consider it’s only worn once or twice. Yet the price isn’t the hard part, it’s choosing the dress. Hands down, prom dress shopping is more stressful than having kids. Or going through law school.

        First you have to decide where to buy it. Students can go to a store in Scribner- wait, what? Scribner doesn’t have a dress shop? Oh. Yet another stressful road block. To actually find the dress you want in stores, girls will begin the half hour trek to Fremont. Or even Omaha. But when do you find the time? Track starts, ACT is coming up, and graduation is right around the corner. Prom dress shopping doesn’t just take 30 minutes, it can take many hours. You have to find the perfect dress. The material has to fit and it has to shine. To find a prom dress, you have to put aside a whole day for the trip and the selection time. If you’re a perfectionist, or a senior, you may take more than a day. Some of us have been looking for our next dress since the day after last years prom.

        Second, how do you know when the dress is perfect? Should it be poofy? Slim fitting? Yellow? Prom dress shopping is like a box of chocolates, you honestly don’t know what to pick. Dresses that look good on models or your sister’s cousin’s girlfriend may look like a shower curtain on you. Bling or no bling? Does it match the prom theme? Never mind, no one dresses in correspondence to the theme. Will it match your prom date? Oh well, they’ll just have to work around the fact that you want to, and will, wear a red dress. Prom dress shopping comes with many considerations and factors to think about. Almost like buying a car. “Will my car be good in snow” is equivalent to “will my dress be okay in snow.” “Do the windshield wipers work” are equivalent to “does the dress zipper work?” The durability of tires can be linked to the kind of shoes that will look poppin with your dress. You have to be dress smart at this time of the year.

        Third, once you find a dress that meets all of your requirements, you are set. Sike, there is one more catch. Everything about the dress it is perfect and you’re convinced you have never wanted anything more than this material clinging to your skin. Then comes the painful part of purchasing the dress. Your mom asks how much it is. There is a 50% chance the dress is in your price range and a 50% chance it isn’t. Much like having kids, it will be a little more expensive than you thought.

Fourth, there is another catch. At the time the dress may have been a 10/10 but now, it’s a strong 3. Prom is less than a month away and you don’t like the dress anymore! Don’t panic. Too late, you’re already panicking. So the cycle repeats and the stress of does it look good or will the dress be long enough for my heels continues. Usually, it all works out in the end.

        Prom dress shopping is no walk in the park. It comes with a lot of stress and money. Parents should be familiar with the constant stress and money in correspondence to their kids. Hence a link can be drawn from prom dress shopping to raising children. However, once the dress is picked and you’re happy, it’s all worth it in the end when you look like a snack at prom.