Is sexual harassment a double standard in today’s society?

Ronnie Fritchbr, Staff Writer

In today’s day in age, there is still an issue with gender equality. Gender equality is, by definition, the state in which access to rights or opportunities is unaffected by gender. Today’s generation believes that they have overcome gender equality issues, but in all reality, these issues have just been buried by other, more issues such as bombings, world hunger, and global warming.
When it comes to gender equality, getting a job, being paid a different amount, or the right to vote are issues that no longer exist. Do not be fooled though, there are plenty of issues that still occur every day, and as innocent as they may seem, they are still wrong.
For example, during the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards Red Carpet, Katy Perry grabbed Shawn Mendes’s butt. Mendes stated that it made him uncomfortable, and his expression clearly exhibited surprise. Mendes had also said that he had never even formally met Perry.
Another more recent incident during an audition for American Idol, Perry kissed high school student, Benjamin Glaze, who had actually never even kissed a girl. He was obviously surprised, shocked that Katy Perry had kissed him and that it was his first kiss ever. Of course something like that would be shocking. Glaze previously stated he would not kiss a girl that he was not in a relationship with, and obviously he was not in a relationship with Katy Perry.
The general population does not see anything wrong with this. Nothing even happened to Perry, no questions asked or anything. Actually, some people have even said that both boys have been lucky to have attention from Perry. Imagine if the roles would have been reversed though. What if a 33-year-old man who had grabbed an 18 year old girls butt on the red carpet, or if he had kissed a teenage, high school student? The cops would have been involved right away, even without going to jail the assailant would most likely be put on the sex offender registry list.
Perry however was never even questioned about the events. Understand that these issues are very real and should not be ignored. Even though both boys never pressed charges, the issue lies with gender equality. If genders were really equal, then Katy Perry would have lost her job, been bombarded by paparazzi, and had to go through massive amounts of legal issues, however, none of these things have happened nor will they happen because there is no way that a woman can sexually assault a man, at least this is what the majority of our modern society thinks and it’s really sad.