SSCS NHS taps new members

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SSCS NHS taps new members

Skylar Jacobsen, Staff Writer

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On April 11, the SSCS National Honor Society (NHS) had a tapping ceremony for its new members. It is a group that schools have all around the (area). Faith Riggle, Christian Dames, Ashley Peters, Austin Peters and Teague Stewart where all chosen to be in this society.

“National Honor Society is basically recognizing students who go above and beyond,” senior Madison Smutz said.

There are four pillars or ideals of choosing members to be a part of NHS, which include scholarship, leadership, character and service.

“There are some expectations such as being a positive role model, high GPA, and a leader for the students and community members,” Smutz said.

Being a part of NHS is not something that just any student can be a part of. Students who meet the qualifications must fill out a lengthy application, write an essay, obtain letters of reference and go through a rigorous interview process, which may cause many students to be nervous.

“No, I wasn’t nervous,” junior Ashley Peters said. “My mindset was ‘I’ll either get in or I won’t.’ I’ve applied to many other thing and I’m use to the pressure.”

After the application process and interview, the prospect students must wait until the tapping ceremony to find out if they are in the society or not.

“It’s an achievement I wanted to always do,” junior Austin Peters said.

Not every student desires to be in NHS; however, those who are tapped into the society can count it as an honor and a major achievement.

 “I felt excited and proud. It is an achievement that I worked hard to get,” Christian Dames said.