Study halls could really benefit students at SSCS


Photo by Emily Lewin.

Brandon Swanson, Staff Writer

Imagine going to school all day, with sports and other organizations keeping you busy all night. Now imagine having a study hall to help you stay up to date on your assignments. Students at SSCS would be able to do much better if they were able to have a study hall during the school day.

Statistically, students are better able to manage missed or late work if they are in a study hall. Many students in schools who have a study hall option take it. Study halls are a very good option for student athletes to take in order to keep up their grades without giving up their whole night to sports and homework.

Although some students would take advantage of a study hall, many of the students would take it for good reasons. Study hall could also help some students that need the time to talk to a teacher and receive one on one help, but do not have the transportation before or after school to make that a possibility without a study hall.

In addition, Study halls could also be used as a time for students to work on group projects and longer projects that can require some peer review or help. Even though study halls tend to be a more relaxed class, they are still extremely useful for almost every student. A study hall is a class any student should be able to take, especially if he or she is in other extracurricular activities.

Overall, students that are in athletics, activities or that need extra help in their classes would benefit tremendously from the quiet study time that a study hall provides.