LVSS Lady Raiders win triangular despite a rough start

LVSS Lady Raiders win triangular despite a rough start

Photo from Logan View

Laythen Streit, Staff Writer

“Play Ball!”  The latest softball LVSS triangular game, which included the schools Madison, and Highway 91, was a great set of games!

Every player has their own special way of approaching an upcoming game, but everyone is different. Some address it head on with bravery and high hopes, while others keep their standards in check and just focus on doing the best they can.

“We had high hopes, kept standards for the game low, but I knew that we would win” junior Faith Riggle said.

Every game has its hardships and mistakes that push people to get better, but with this knowledge comes the drive to be better than ever before! But it takes courage to address them to your team.

“A few pitches were off, and so was the accuracy, but as the game progressed it greatly improved.” Riggle said

Viewers managed to focus on the game’s outcome and the mistakes were quickly forgotten. As a game continued, the ending is what mattered and games cannot be won without a team full of determined individuals.

“I believe they all tried to the best of their ability while playing.”  freshman Jillian Dames said.

Every game is worth watching, but these teams played like there was no tomorrow! It’s obvious that these teams take this sport very seriously, and I bet, they all will have bright futures in their Softball careers.

 “The games were very exciting to watch! All of the teams did great!” Riggle said.