Serena vs the double standard

Serena vs the double standard

Emily Lewin, Editor

You may know Serena Williams as a great tennis player. However, there is more that you may want to hear about the tennis sensation. Due to three violations last Saturday, Williams is now facing a total of $17,000 in fines. Many debate if Serena deserves the fines or if she was just sticking up for herself. Due to how hard she was penalized, Serena and many others blame sexism.

During the match, Serena was called for mid-match coaching, which is $4,000 and cheating. Serena Williams said she would rather lose than cheat. Next was the verbal abuse, which is a $10,000 fine. The last violation was the breaking of her racket, giving her a $3,000 fine. Tennis legends are backing her and bashing her at the same time. Even male professional tennis players.

Williams was docked an entire game. Many of her defenders point out that they have called refs worse words than a “thief” and didn’t get docked a game. The ref should have just turned away. Refs are encouraged to turn their heads and ignore them as to not encourage the player to keep going. Ref Ramos did not do that.

In anger, Williams broke her tennis racket. Male tennis players break their rackets all the time. Granted, some of them don’t get away with it. Marcos Baghdatis broke four rackets in under a minute and had to pay a $1,250 fine. Serena broke one racket and faced $3,000.

If you truly love something you will cry and scream. Some people say Serena was being a baby about the ref’s decision. If you’re passionate about something, it can make you go a little crazy. Or smash your tennis racket. Male tennis players are infamous for their anger and temper tantrums. Fans call it passion when a male player screams, but when Serena does it, it’s a tantrum.

Williams says that she’s fighting for women’s equality on and off the court. There are many instances of girls being penalized for things that male tennis players do every single game. Cornet was penalized for adjusting her shirt on the bench. Meanwhile, a male tennis player changed his shirt 11 times throughout his matches and did not receive any sort of penalty.

Even though many said she was behaving like a toddler, she still congratulated and supported her opponent. When the crowd booed as Oaska grabbed the trophy, Serena told the crowd to stop. She then genuinely congratulated her opponent. If Serena was truly behaving like a toddler, she would have let the crowd continue boo and she would have given Naomi Oaska no sort of congratulation.

Serena is standing up against the double standards between men and women in the tennis world. The US Open has apologized to women before for being penalized. Alize Cornet was given an apology for being penalized for changing her shirt. Yet there has been no change. For once a female tennis player is actually standing up to sexism on the court.