“Something Beautiful” at Red Rocks

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“Something Beautiful” at Red Rocks

Photo by Matthew Dames

Photo by Matthew Dames

Photo by Matthew Dames

Elissa Dames, Editor

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On September 12th, the band NEEDTOBREATHE (including original members Bear Rinehart, Bo Rinehart, Seth Bolt and Josh Lovelace with Randell Harris and Micah Nichols), performed at the stunning venue for the fourth time in their career. Located outside of Denver, Colorado is the literally breathtaking Red Rocks Amphitheater. The trek brought the audience of 10,000 people up a long way. The highest seat has an elevation of 6,435 feet. Once everyone reached the top, they would definitely need to breathe.

NEEDTOBREATHE is a rock band with a Christian influence. The band is from Seneca, South Carolina. They are not as well known, but they are a very talented group of people.

On their way to the venue, Bear Rinehart was in an Uber and was talking to the driver. The driver had asked what he was here for. Rinehart replied saying he was a musician and played in a band called NEEDTOBREATHE. The driver was clueless and did not recognize the name. The driver followed by asking where Rinehart was playing.

“I’m playing in this little place called Red Rocks,” Rinehart said.

The driver then asked Rinehart who his band was opening for. Rinehart told this story before playing Darling.

“Thank y’all for knowing who we are and our songs. We appreciate it,” Rinehart said to the audience.

Before NEEDTOBREATHE came on stage, they had two bands open up for them. The first was an artist named Forest Blakk from Canada. He played a few songs, but the most captivating one was “Heaven’s Telephone”, A song he wrote and dedicated to his cousin who had passed away from cancer. As a teenager, Blakk lived on and off the streets and his cousin was there for him when he was going through tough times. Before he played this song, he talked about feeling invisible and unconnected. Then he had everyone in the audience raise their hand if cancer had affected their lives in one way or another. Almost everyone’s hands were raised.

“Now you all have something to talk about,” said Blakk. Showing the crowd that they are all connected.

The song received a standing ovation from the massive audience. Blakk found in the inability to stand when he got this reaction. Before the concert, people told him this would be the most emotional concert and that he had to make it through without crying. Blakk did not meet up to this and emotions poured out of him all at once.

The second band to open was JOHNNYSWIM, a husband and wife folk duo. Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez also performed a few songs, each of them as exciting as the last. They were both very comfortable on stage and seemed to be having fun. During their set, Ramirez went to share a microphone with Sudano and it threw her off. They both began to laugh before continuing the song. Ramirez shared a funny statement saying he wanted to see Bear and Bo share a microphone in their set.

The venue was not the only thing that left the audience feeling inspired. NEEDTOBREATHE had an amazing set list with both new and old songs, including their popular song “Something Beautiful”. Another surprise was when the performed a never before heard song. Before performing the new song, lead vocalist Bear Rinehart said he had no idea if this would be good or not. They began the song and the audience fell silent so they could listen to the lyrics carefully.

“Sing the chorus one more time because it just feels okay to me,” Bear Rinehart said before the final chorus of their new song.

Once the final strum of the guitar was played, the crowd erupted in applause. It was safe to say the song was a hit.

NEEDTOBREATHE finished off their set with a song featuring one of their opening bands, JOHNNYSWIM. They then came back out for an encore of their two songs “Brother” and “Drive All Night”.

Following the concert, people made their way down the steep path out of the Red Rocks Amphitheater. All of them talking about the great night they just had.