Eminem vs. MGK

Sebastian Arnold, Staff Writer

You have probably noticed all the drama in the hip-hop community. The rappers responsible are Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly (MGK). Eminem came out with a surprise album called Kamikaze which dissed many rappers by calling them “mumble rappers”. None of the people who got dissed by Eminem responded, except for Machine Gun Kelly. As you listen to Eminem’s diss back, Machine Gun Kelly probably wished he didn’t say anything at all.

In his new album, Eminem came at Machine Gun Kelly for calling his daughter “Hot”, as well as other disrespectful words used. Eminem in an interview said it was pettier than that. Machine Gun Kelly being 23 and Eminem’s daughter being 16 at the time didn’t sit right with Eminem, nor would it for me. He had a reason to drag MGK through the mud.

Machine Gun Kelly started taking shots at Eminem, dissing him in a song he made that was actually pretty catchy. The beat went really well with the song, but the shots he took on how Eminem looked and dressed were pretty lame. He had some good lines, but Eminem came back, as he always has.

Eminem doesn’t play around. He lyrically murdered Machine Gun Kelly in his diss track Kill Shot. Lyricism is what Hip-Hop should be all about. Machine Gun Kelly made his diss catchy, but Eminem’s actually sounded like a diss track. I don’t think diss tracks are made to be listened to in the car on the radio, like Machine Gun Kelly’s.

Of course, there’s going to be fans of Machine Gun Kelly saying that his diss was better and Eminem fans saying that his diss was better. It brings lots of publicity to both artists. However, Eminem is the bigger artists and is already a legend in the Hip-Hop world. Due to this fall out between the rappers, Machine Gun Kelly’s new EP will most likely do good in sales and may be better than his past project numbers.

Machine Gun Kelly has gained a lot of exposure that is putting him all over social media. Perhaps the feud was started for that purpose. Without a doubt, Eminem won. His diss song was an actual diss track and not just a pop song that pointed out obvious things. Machine Gun Kelly was destroyed. Even though his views may raise, he will never be as big and as talented as Eminem.