Say cheese


Emily Lewin, Editor

For picture day you want to look perfect. Or at least better than you did last year. When that flash goes off, you are silently begging the lord that your picture doesn’t come out as horrid as last time. Last year you asked to see your picture but they said no and you were sent off back to class. The photographer should always show you your picture. Guaranteed it will make students feel better and more confident about their picture.

Anyone can argue that picture day takes time. To show every student their photo would take too long. In reality, it really doesn’t take up too much time. Last year I was given the opportunity to look at my picture. She turned the screen to where I was sitting. I thought my smile was weird, so she gladly took another picture and I found that it looked much better. All in all, giving students a chance to look at their picture takes a little more time but not a lot more time.

Picture retakes are always an option but who really wants to get dressed up again? It can be stressful having to rummage through your closet for a nice shirt. Oh ya, and that pimple? Let’s just not mention that. Maybe it sounds a little dramatic but for some students, picture day is a big deal. Every member of your family gets a picture, so you have to look good. Also, picture retakes make your pictures come in later than everybody else’s. You forget about your pictures, but when they do come in you still think that they look ugly.

When you take a selfie, you don’t just pick the first picture you take. You take a hundred pictures. Not saying picture day should turn into a photo shoot or anything, but it gives students that peace of mind when they get off the stool and head back to class. These days it’s all about how you look. Most of that is due to social media giving us the feeling that we need to be skinnier or have whiter teeth. Showing us our picture isn’t feeding into the trend of wanting to look perfect. It makes students more comfortable and confident.

When picture day comes up, ask to see your photo. The worst they can do is say no. Or have a horrible picture taken. Maybe they’ll even say yes. If they do agree to show you your picture, I’m sure you will be much more satisfied!