We’ve got spirit yes we do


Senior Kaylin Niehwohner, senior Christian Dames and sophmore Nia Meyer on Meme Day!

Emily Lewin, Editor

On Monday we dropped our croissants for Meme Day. Tuesday was spent arguing about whose team was better for Sports Day. On Wednesday the students were taught by Care Bears for cartoon day. Students hobbled on crutches and rolled in wheelchairs on Thursday’s fake an injury day. Finally, Friday was all about trojan pride!  

“I’m excited for tomorrow (Friday) because I get to wear jeans. My least favorite day is today (Thursday), I didn’t want to dress up because I’d have to limp all day,” English teacher Mrs. Drey said with a laugh.

Fake an injury day was pretty successful. Science teacher Ms. Piper actually believed one student to be injured until someone reminded her it was fake an injury day.

“My favorite day was cartoon character day because the teachers got together and dressed as Care Bears. It was really fun,” shop class teacher Mrs. Ryun said.

The idea came from English teacher David Stevens. By looking at the teachers, you can tell they had a blast creating their spirit day look.

The day all the students looked forward to was meme day.

“It was weird. A lot of people didn’t know what I was but when I told them they got it and laughed,” senior Kaylin Niewohner said.

Meme day is a tricky to dress for. Especially for adults who don’t know what a meme is and can’t even pronounce “meme” correctly.

It’s amazing to see just how creative the students and staff can be on this hectic week called spirit week. We had everything from unicorns, Kuzco from Emperor’s new groove, avocados – thanks, crutches, and homecoming proposals. Kick-off is scheduled for Friday, September 28th, at 6:30! It’s a great day to be a trojan!