Helping everyone achieve respect


Emily Lewin, Editor


Bullying is still, and always will be, an issue. Thankfully, the National Guard sent Tim McCaslin to educate us on what bullying is, and the potential dangers from it. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors were given packets to workshop with as to further deepen their thinking on the everyday instance of bullying.

Without giving names and exact instances, students were told to think deeply about bullying. Students had to consider if an example was bullying or if it was just teasing. Teasing seems okay, but as we learned from the presentation, too much teasing can morph into bullying. All in all, you have to be careful what you say to people. Sometimes a joke can be taken too far. The presentation taught us to be mindful of others.

Perhaps the most important lesson is that everyone deserves respect. If we respect everyone, bullying wouldn’t be such a big issue. Respect is something no one should compete for. Respect is free for everyone. It is so important. If you wouldn’t yell at your parents or call your teacher nasty names, so why would you do it to your peers? Respect goes a long way.

Sometimes bullying can make students feel like they can’t ask for help. Or if they ask for help the situation will get worse. The presentation from the National Guard showed us that you can ask for help and you can do something. If you see someone is getting bullied, do something about it. Look out for each other. Don’t be a bystander. 

Even though we don’t see it sometimes, bullying will always be there. Now we know what to do if we encounter it. Thanks to technology, new forms, and sometimes more crueler forms, of bullying are present. Which is why it’s so important to know that you have value and it takes no time to show respect for your peers.