Santa claus, deck the halls: werewolf claws


Emily Lewin, Editor

Everyone can agree that stores can really jump the gun around this time of year with Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving food and materials. It’s like a pinata of Christmas has accidentally been smashed all over Walmart and everyone is too lazy to put it away. Frankly, it seems way too early for candy canes and ornaments – ITS OCTOBER. Stores need to slow down. The population can’t enjoy Halloween without a Santa Claus in their face. It pressures shoppers that Christmas is much closer than it seems and causes pre-holiday stress.

The Christmas decorations in the store take away from Halloween. It’s like going to your wedding and then somebody announces that they’re having a baby in the middle of your own ceremony. It’s rude and it takes the attention away from your day. Halloween doesn’t deserve that! Spooky season is being threatened by these wreaths and ornaments, aka “Christmas creep.”

Halloween is days away. You grab your son, Edgar, and guide him to the costume section but you are confused as to why a skeleton is placed next to Christmas ribbons. Edgar drops the bloody mask in his hands and immediately starts poking and prodding. He says he can’t wait for Christmas. You go home and your son is still talking about Christmas. It’s on your tv, it’s in your magazines; you virtually can’t escape that blasted holiday.

Around every corner, there is something Christmas related in major retailers. Christmas is two months, why can’t they calm down? I know my parents get stressed out about Christmas because Christmas means money. If you’re like my dad and have five kids to buy phones and dolls for, you would be pulling your hair out too. That’s probably why he’s bald now. Seeing commercials and trees in Walmart does nothing but make him sweat. Stores need to stop jumping the gun on Christmas.

Not only stress arrives but pressure. This makes parents think: If it’s out on the shelf already I should just buy it now right? If I wait, the toy will be gone. I need to buy it now. Could I get it somewhere cheaper? What if my son doesn’t like it? This pressure is not needed. After all, kids don’t even make their Christmas lists until Thanksgiving so why put the festive decorations out in stores?

Christmas needs to go away. Until November at least. The explosion of green and red is not appreciated. Everyone laughs at it anyways. It’s even been made into memes about stores hopping on the Christmas train too soon. Stores need to hold back the Christmas.

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