Best fight in history: McGregor vs Khabib

James Hudson, Staff Writer

On October 6th, 2018 the fight between the Irish fighter, Conor McGregor and the Russian, Khabib Nurmagomedov, was a battle that everyone thought was going to be the best fight in history. The war and the blood that was spilled in the octagon from both sides was extremely exciting.

The battle became a tooth and nail fight where each fighter had to be mentally stronger than their opponent. In the first two rounds of the fight, both sides hit hard and were smart about throwing punches.

McGregor is an experienced Irish professional martial artist and boxer. He is also a Featherweight Champion. In the past he has competed in the Welterweight in Martial Arts.

Khabib Nurmagomedov is experienced as an martial artist, as he is a 2 time combat Sambo World Champion. Now he is the Lightweight Champion after beating the champion of two weight classes. Khabib is now an undefeated martial artist after the fight against Conor Mcgregor.

With a rear naked choke in the third round against the cage in 3 minutes and three seconds, the Octagon erupted into a full riot around the whole place as Khabib won the match.

Khabib had to be relentless with his takedowns and to be strong, that is the key of beating McGregor. McGregor started to feel fatigue in his muscles when Khabib was on top of him, trying to lockdown the fight by squeezing the tired McGregor. Khabib was the winner.

Following the match, the now ecstatic supporters of Khabib began to start a brawl with McGregor. One of Khabib crew members jumped over the fence of the octagon and hit McGregor right in the jaw and Khabib’s brother then came in and tried to hit McGregor in the face, but McGregor judo kicked him in the gut, making him go away. McGregor was defenceless with no breath due to the rear naked choke that had knocked him unconscious.

Khabib and Mcgregor have now been suspended from MMA because this all out brawl after the match. Due to the suspension, Khabib also lost his champion belt. After the fight, the Irish and Russians just started to brawl with one another.. Everyone was in danger and no one could break this all out brawl in this area. No one knows how this escalated.

“Due to the suspension, Khabib lost his champion belt.” Khabib is extremely embarrassed from this huge upset against McGregor. The upset was not planned he said “I am extremely sorry for this happening and I know that my dad is going to beat me when he sees my face.”