Game on: e-sports powers on at SSCS


Photo by Sydney Wolfgram.

The Scribner-Snyder e-sports team practices playing Overwatch, a multiplayer, team-based video game.

Laythen Streit, Staff Writer

The worldwide phenomenon of E-sports has finally reached the small school of Scribner-Snyder. E-sports is the newest addition to Scribner-Snyder’s extracurricular activities.

Many of our student gamers hope that E-sports will become a permanent addition to Scribner-Snyder. The administration has agreed to try out E-sports this year, with coding teacher, Mrs. Linda Schafer and activity director, Mr. Deron Meyer. Sponsors are planning and organizing this activity.

“I hope that E-sports proceeds well,” Meyer said, “E-sports has allowed many of our students who are not involved in athletics now have a chance to become involved with our school.”

Schafer’s partnership has made the possibility of E-sports at SSCS a reality through promotion among students.

“ The partnership between us has made it much easier to make E-sports appear in Scribner, I handle the technology side of the activity,” Meyer said.

The partnership between the two sponsors helps to balance out the responsibilities the activitiy requires.

“The partnership has been very helpful! It relieves a lot of unneeded stress and allows me to focus on my job with organizing the E-sports’ upcoming events and scheduling practices”, Schafer said.

The participants of E-sports will also receive top of-the-line gaming headphones and mice, which will ensure that they perform their best of their abilities while playing. In fact, their laptops may even get special modifications, such as increased RAM and memory boosts for their computers to optimize the amount of games and their experiences in E-sports!

However, state of the art gear does not guarantee a win. It is all about how the players will to succeed and promote E-sports through raw determination and teamwork. Communication is very important when playing games, it allows you to coordinate attacks and strategize.

The participating students, along with Meyer and Schafer, all look forward to the success of E-sports in this small town of Scribner!