SSCS students earn four acting awards


Johanna Thilliander

Courtney Tower, Staff Writer

Scribner-Snyder was one of nine schools in attendance at the East Husker Conference One Act competition, which was hosted in Leigh yesterday.

They performed a comedy called “Feed the Whales: The Saga of the Boy Band Oreo” by Don Zolidis where a tour promoter tries to create a boy band in time for a county fair.

Christian Dames (12), Kaylin Niewhoner (12), Elissa Dames (11) and Laythen Streit (11) earned “Outstanding Actor” awards by the judges.

SSCS will be competing at District One Act on Nov. 27 at Humphrey St. Francis for a chance at going to state.

The public is invited to watch their performance at the annual Winter Kick Off on Nov. 19. The event will begin at 6:00 pm in the gym.