SSCS hosts American Red Cross blood drive


Junior Emily Lewin's blood drive poster.

Sebastian Arnold, Staff Writer

On Monday Nov. 19t the Red Cross will be doing the blood drive in front of the elementary building.

Kelsey Piper, the high school science teacher, helped organize this drive along with other past drives.

According to the American Red Cross’ website, each pint can save up to three lives.

“Our goal is to get 23 pints,” Piper said, “But we usually get around 30 units.”

To help raise awareness for the blood drive, Piper’s medical terminology students and some middle school students made posters around the school to advertise the blood drive.

If the blood drive goals are met throughout the year, Piper will be able to provide a $250 scholarship to a student who has donated a lot of blood or has helped with the drive.

Currently there is a waiting list for people . If students or faculty want on the list, contact Piper by going by her room. Community members may contact her through the high school office.

“The blood drive is always a good event,” Piper said. “It doesn’t require talent and anyone can donate. You just have to bring yourself.”