From paramedic to teaching: Wisnieski inspires students


Tristan Claussen

Mrs. Wisnieski in front of her room.

Emily Lewin, Staff Writer

William Arthur Ward once said, “the mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates, the great teacher inspires.”

Mrs. Wisnieski is a great teacher who inspires me and the rest of the school to better ourselves. Mrs. Wisnieski does more than just grade papers, she inspires. She is the true embodiment of what a great teacher should be like.

There is nothing better than Mrs. Wisnieski’s teaching style. After a bell ringer, she dives right into notes. I bet this part makes some students groan or yawn. However, these notes are magical notes. She will go through the problems thoroughly and answer all the questions you could possibly ask. I have never left her classroom confused or upset because I didn’t understand a problem.

I had confidence when I did my math homework, and it’s all because of her. When she teaches, she takes no shortcuts. She goes all the way by explaining and demonstrating how to complete a problem. Then she’ll end her class with a wrap up of everything we have learned.

Mrs. Wisnieski wants all of our futures to be as bright as the markers she uses on her whiteboard.

It was fate that Mrs. Wisnieski became a math teacher. She once told my class that she was going to be a paramedic but changed her mind and became a teacher instead. She may not be saving lives, but she is definitely saving math grades. Dayle Wisnieski has a rare character you can’t really find anywhere else.

I know that even though she helps with math, she would be just as amazing at helping people who are hurt and in need of medical assistance.

Wisnieski has one more superpower. She has the magical ability to make math fun, whether she slides in a small story about her sheep or a little doodle on the smartboard. Everyone in this school can say something nice about this woman. She is a picture of the perfect teacher.

I could not imagine Scribner-Snyder without Mrs. Wisnieski. I wish for the kids coming up to be in her class because she teaches you more than math. She teaches you to want more for yourself and to not settle for anything but the best. She motivates you to push harder for your goals. Even when you leave her class, you take her teachings with you.

Mrs. Wisnieski is a teacher you could never forget. She is the great teacher who educates, but more importantly, inspires.