Wrestling: Possible Changes Coming?

James Hudson , Staff Writer

Women’s wrestling is a heated topic amongst wrestling coaches and athletes all across the state.  The proposal to add women’s high school wrestling as an NSAA sanctioned sport for the 2019-2020 season has been proposed.  This is a proposal that could change the whole wrestling culture and perspective of wrestling for the foreseeable future.

Wrestling, for the longest time, was a guy’s sport.  Man vs. Man is the ultimate test of mental and physical strength.  However, with societal changes, many women began to show interest in the sport as well.  Yet, they had to compete against the guys. Now coaches and AD’s statewide are proposing an entirely separate division just for high school to wrestle other girls.

The proposal was made and passed the initial phase.  It will now go to the district level where all four districts will vote.  If it passes, as it is expected to, it will go to the state level for final voting.  Ron Higdon, the head of the NSAA wrestling department, expects the proposal to pass.  If it does not pass this year, he is confident it will pass next year.  That could potentially make women’s wrestling a sanctioned sport for the 2019-2020 season.  There are still several details to work out, but the bases are covered.  For women’s wrestling to be a successful addition to the NSAA

To get a jump on the future, many schools are actively recruiting girls to go out for wrestling.  Scribner-Snyder is no different.  Coaches Mr. Justin McDuffee and Mr. Anthony  Ruzicka have been talking with and recruiting girls at the JH level to give wrestling a try.  Currently, there are 7 girls and 4 boys in grades 7 and 8 that are out for wrestling.

It is difficult to get people to go out for wrestling.  Wrestling is a very aggressive and physical sport, which tests stamina. Furthermore requires a lot of physical and mental discipline. Wrestlers have to be able to sacrifice some of what they eat normally, and may have to cut their portions into half, It forcing them to just eat healthier.

As the writer of this article, and also a current wrestler at Scribner-Snyder, I feel I am a better person for having wrestled.  I feel it is an experience that is unlike any other that a student-athlete can get.  At times, it is really hard.  There are definitely times that I have questioned my commitment to the team.  However, I have pushed through and stuck with it and have learned a lot from the experience.  I know for one, this writer is glad that the sport is being expanded to include anyone that has the will and toughness to compete.