Blue Macaw declared extinct in the wild

David Tan

Laythen Streit, Staff Writer


Many of you have heard about or seen the movie Rio. The movie was a story about the blue macaw,  Blu, who was believed to be the last remaining male of his species. The movie brought awareness to the growing number of blue macaws. well, I regret to inform you that the blue maca has now been classified as extinct

These beautiful birds were indigenous to the Amazon jungle where they preferred to live in the treetops and rarely ever touched the ground.  They were driven to extinction due to the massive cases of deforestation in the Amazon, along with severe cases of poaching.

Around 2014, however, the population stood at 2,500, but was fully diminished in 2018. It is a crying shame that these creatures were driven to the point of extinction in such a short time.

In meantime though, the blue macaw extinction should be taken as a lesson. Human beings should try to prevent any more species of any creature from going extinct. For instance, records show that the snow leopards are also nearing the same fate as the poor blue macaws. It is extremely tragic that an entire species of animal must go extinct due to something as trivial as this.

But on the optimistic side of things, maybe some of the blue macaws will be found in the near future, I believe that there may be some left out there somewhere. But I’m afraid only time will tell.  While they are extinct in the wild, there have been reports of some still in captivity. There are currently about 60 to 80 in captivity around the world. For instance, there are currently some in an aviary in Germany that is owned by the Association for the Conservation of Threatened Parrots It’s almost like the story of Rio is actually happening. Maybe there will be a happy ending after all!