Member of BTS releases single


Machara Jusino , Staff writer


Promise by Park Jimin

Park Jimin of the KPOP group BTS released a solo song, Promise. Jimin is a 23-year-old-KPOP singer. Many BTS fans have been waiting for a new song or album from BTS. Jimin suddenly surprised fans with this new song. In this song he talks about being happy and not depending on others for happiness. The song became a hit for fans all over the world.

In a recent live broadcast on the VLIVE app, Jimin talked about his new song and answered a few questions the fans had. He told fans that he had worked on it for around five to seven months. He said that the song was not necessarily comforting but rather scolding and dark. He also mentioned that he spent three or four months deciding on lyrics alone. While he was working on it, he thought that he did not have enough time. He was working very hard to find the solution.

“I used to talk with Namjoon [another BTS member] and he would say that the music was his solution. We had a long conversation about it. I wanted to find the solution by making the song,” Jimin said.

After having this talk with Namjoon, Jimin started writing lyrics. At the time he was not in his best mood and became fixated on music with darker themes. As time progressed, his mentality got better for him and he felt better. Although these feelings were gone, he still needed to finish the song.

“So I started working on the song. I was feeling so down and my mindset was dim. So I was fixated on dark songs,” Jimin said.

During BTS’ concert at Citi Field in America, Jimin came up with the word Promise. He told Namjoon that he wanted to work on the song and he explained where he wanted to go with it. Namjoon told him to start working on the song right away.

“Namjoon helped a lot. It’s really cool how he could come up with such fantastic phrases. I finished within 1 or 2 months,” Jimin said.

He told fans that in his song, when he mentions “you”, he is talking about himself. Namjoon helped him with the English lyrics since he cannot speak it well. He believes that Namjoon was a big part of composing his song and he helped a lot.

Millions of fans around the world are listening to this song. Maybe you could be among those millions of people? For his first time writing and releasing an original song, Jimin’s solo adventure was more than successful. If you want to try something new, check out Promise.