Senioritis: An Epidemic


Emily Lewin, Editor


The word “senioritis” has been thrown around the halls and inside the classrooms for years. However, not everyone is aware of the condition. Senioritis is an epidemic that affects high school seniors all over the world. The condition affects high school seniors and makes their school performance poor through laziness. 

If you’re a senior reading this article, and you have an essay due tonight, you definitely have senioritis. Senioritis is a feeling of laziness and a lack of motivation that happens to high school seniors. The condition is more common than you think. Carlmont High School, Belmont, CA, found that 78% of their seniors had senioritis. Only 10% of the school said they thought it didn’t exist. In other words, you’re definitely not alone in feeling lazy during your last year.

There is not a doctor in the world that can cure the dreaded senioritis. The only way to beat this common condition is to focus on your goals and mentally push yourself. Make yourself partake in good habits, like studying, and train yourself to focus on the importance of grades and school in general. When you see the value of school, you will find yourself more than motivated to tackle a stack of papers. The biggest tip to dealing with senioritis is to be happy! Everything in life, including senior year, does not come easy. It’s your attitude during your rough spots that set the mood for your future.

Stress and senior year are said to go hand in hand. When in reality, they don’t have to. When we push away the laziness and push ourselves to finish the paper or complete the homework, we will find positive results in the future. Senioritis is common in all seniors but with the right mindset, it can be beaten. Now, stop reading this article and finish that essay!