All Guinea Pigs Go to Heaven

Emily Lewin, Editor


Bugsy Ryun, guinea pig, died the 29th of April in his purple dome in the ag classroom.  His death was due to old age. He was found by ag teacher, Mrs.Ryun. There will be no autopsy.  There will be no funeral service. Bugsy has been laid to rest behind the school, next to a patch of beautiful trees. Witness to the burial was seniors, Tristan Claussen, Caleb Noel, and ag teacher, Mrs. Ryun.

“I was very upset, that guinea pig was my favorite one,” senior, Caleb Noel says with a sad gleam to his eye.

Bugsy the guinea pig was rescued by Mrs. Ryun in the August of 2018. Bugsy’s past owner was about to release him to the woods when Mrs. Ryun stepped in and brought him to his new home- Scribner-Snyder Schools. During his time at Scribner-Snyder, he was held by many and loved by all. Bugsy’s favorite food was the treat part of his food. His least favorite food was the hay. He saved the hay for last, every time. When Bugsy wasn’t being held or loved on, he spent his time in his purple dome. The oreo colored guinea pig definitely loved his alone time. He loved his alone time so much that he never married or had kids.

Bugsy is described as being calm and sweet.

“He is really nice to hold or put on the table because he wouldn’t run away. He’s just chill,” ag teacher, Mrs. Ryun, says. 

Bugsy is survived by his furry next-door neighbor, Alex.