Homecoming pep rally

Jozeyln Ruppert, Staff Writer

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! The Scribner-Snyder dance team performed their first dance of the year at the pep rally before the games started. 

“Performing our very first dance was my favorite part of the pep rally minus the soundcheck at the beginning,” senior Rachel Lodl said.

The first game was wrapping streamers around one person. There were teams of 3 and one must be completely wrapped in streamers and whoever was done first won. The team that won that round was freshman Addison Lange, Sophomore Jenna Adams, and senior Jozelyn Ruppert.  

  “It was a lot of fun and team effort, and our team came out champs,” sophomore Jenna Adams said.

The second game was for the homecoming court, including Jordan Adams, Elissa Dames, Noah Banks, Emily Lewin, Tanner Pitts, Rachel Lodl, Laythen Streit, and Faith Riggle. Each of them had to put makeup on their faces and when they were done, the staff had everyone vote by saying the couple’s names and how loud they were when the names were said. Laythen Streit and Faith Riggle won the second game. 

“I have a blast at the pep rally! My favorite part of the pep rally was the makeup game. I made Noah look like a pretty princess,” senior Emily Lewin said.

Finally, the last game was which class can blow as much flour out of the bowl as possible. Each class had their own bowl. You weren’t allowed to touch the bowl with your hands or face. The team that won the last game was the seniors. 

“I liked the last game which was the flour game. It was very fun, the flour kept getting in everyone’s face, it was a good laugh,” junior Kristal Svehla said.