Dare Devils Makes Fiery Jump at the Colorado State Fair



Krystal Bigley , Staff Writer

Marcano and Manny Mendes make a fiery jump as dare-devils at the Colorado State Fair on Aug 27, 2019.

In Pueblo, CO, Marcano, and Mendes, people in the American High Dive Show decide to jump off the highest height while on fire. 

“I am just hoping that we have all the safety measures down,” said Marcano. “It really is just a matter of how long I can stay up there before I’m really feeling the flames.”

When the divers are on fire, the temperature is always 1,500 degrees. More than 145,000 visited the fair that day and a little over half of those people went and watched the dare-devil events.

“When I am up there doing, I am honestly just having a good time. There’s a thrill. It gets hot as time goes by,” Marcano said.

Manny Mendes also a stunt devil. He is a professional and wants to have fun.

“We are professionals, and this act has been going for more than 60 to 70 years with 100- foot high dives. Now it’s 80 feet,” Mendes said. 

The Colorado State Fair is the biggest fair in Colorado. Thousands of people visit the fair every year and they love it. There are many events that you can go to while in Colorado, but the daredevil stunts will always be the most breathtaking.