You just got served: Lewin reps SSCS volleyball


Photo taken by Jozelyn Ruppert

Jozeyln Ruppert, Staff Writer

BALL’S UP! Emily Lewin is a senior at Scribner-Snyder and is currently the only senior on the team from SSCS during the second year of the volleyball co-op with Logan View.  Lewin plays the left side because senior Taylor Ruwe from Logan View tore her ACL at the beginning of the season this year.

“It’s not a bad feeling,” Lewin said. “‘It puts more pressure to represent Scribner being the only senior from Scribner that younger girls look up to.”

Lewin displays leadership to the younger girls by keeping a positive attitude during games and practices. She also talks to the underclassmen to make them feel included and not left out of anything.

“I try to be a good role model as best as I can,” Lewin said.

With all the practices and games, Lewin also has to keep on top of her classwork for her difficult dual credit classes.

“I usually do a lot of my homework during school because I don’t have much free time,” Lewin said.

Lewin has played for 4 years on varsity and has lettered all 4 years. At the moment, she does not plan on playing volleyball in college. She plans to go to Metro Community College and then enroll at UNMC to pursue her dream of being a registered nurse (RN).