A Darker Picture



Laythen Streit, Staff Writer

Man Of Medan is a fictional video game in the horror genre. The creators of this game were also made the game Until Dawn. Games like this are made to keep you on your toes, every decision counts, one wrong move and you will meet your end.

The main story of the game takes place on a derelict freighter that was lost out in the middle of the sea, it is an old military vessel that served in the Second World War, The ship itself was carrying a toxic liquid that mixed with the water on the ship and created a toxic gas, at the beginning of the game, you play as a military man, this guy gets into a fight with a military officer and gets sent to the brig, he awakes and finds his friend locked in the cell beside him, they get out of their cells when they heard a mysterious noise and discover that the crew aboard the ship has gone mad and have begun to kill each other. Sadly both men die aboard the ship due to the gas.

It was released back on Aug 30 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Over 83% of the people that have played this game so far have liked this game. Man of Medan is one of many installments in “The Dark Picture” Anthology. Unlike most games of this genre, this game features a multiplayer feature, this lets you play the game with another human player. There is even a “Movie Night” mode, in this mode, five people take control of one of the five main characters of the story.

These modes make the game much more appealing for a larger audience, so even that one friend cowering in the corner can play! But don’t be tricked, this game makes it pretty difficult to keep everyone alive. There are several obstacles in the game that require you to think fast. There are quick-time events that can single-handedly change the game for you. If you fail even one of these at the wrong time, you could likely get your character killed or injured. There are also moments where you have to control your heartbeat by managing your breathing in the game itself, these often appear when you are hiding from a threat in the game.

The game itself is introduced in a very peculiar setting, it begins with a hard rock song, and then it goes to a strange British man taking a stroll down a hallway with a wall lined with pictures.  He acts as the narrator of the story. He reacts and speaks his mind about what is going on in the story. He also gives you hints on what will happen in the story, but the dialogue and explanations change depending on what is going on in the story.

All of the characters in the game have their own distinct personalities that determine the choices that they will make throughout the game. For instance, one of the characters is extremely stubborn, so they will respond very rudely or make it seem that the person before them is repulsive and annoying.

One play-through of the game takes about four and a half hours, but keep in mind that this game is meant to be played through multiple times, this will allow you to experience all of the endings and see the possible consequences of the other choices you didn’t pick. This game is meant to be terrifying, and you best believe it will have you on the edge of your seat!