Plant club is a go!

Harley Baker, Staff Writer


            It all started with a joke. The Scribner-Snyder school has started a plant club. A group of students and Mr. David Stevens went to the superintendent Ginger Meyer. To propose the idea of a plant club.

“Plant club started as a joke in my speech class. However, the joke turns to reality When kids were interested in plant club,” English teacher Mr. David Stevens said.

Before the students approached Mrs. Meyer, they had a meeting to brainstorm activities they could do. 

“A group of students got together and they came up with a plan and a list of activities that they would want to do, and then they pitched it to Superintendent Ginger Meyer,” Stevens said.

             The plant club has just recently formed and already has fifteen students participating

  “I thought just the idea of students coming together to form something like a club that’s not done and other schools is really interesting to me,” sophomore Jillian Dames said.

Some of the future ideas in the club include green spaces in the school and to help students to learn more about plants.

“It is fun and educational in that students are choosing to learn about something they don’t already know,” Dames said.

The plant club hopes to give an opportunity for students to be involved also to unite the school and community.

 “I envision to really spread awareness of the environment and truly help bridge our school and community together through things like whether it be planting trees or helping in the mainstream Boulevard, “Dames said.