The American dream


Photo taken by Jozelyn Ruppert

Jozelyn Ruppert, Staff Writer

Viva Jitcheun traveled from Bangkok, Thailand to Snyder, Nebraska where she is a sophomore here at Scribner-Snyder Community Schools.

Thailand is a southeastern Asian country. She came over to the United States to full fill her dream of living the American lifestyle and what it’s like in an American school. She has been to many different countries such as Japan, Italy, and Turkey.

             Viva is involved in volleyball and yearbook. She had played volleyball for about a year before she came to Snyder.

‘’Living here is very different from Bangkok, the town is too crowded and there’s too much pollution” Viva said.

             The time difference is about a 12-hour difference, for example, the time right now is 12:50 pm. In Thailand its 12:50 am.

Vi’s school back in Bangkok is very different from here at Scribner-Snyder. The students must be at school by 5 am to clean up the classrooms and the school. Her school days started at 8 am and usually got done around 5 pm, So they have long days there. Their wardrobe is very different too they must wear dark blue skirts and a white button-up shirt. Each grade has a different style of the skirt so they can tell by grade.

             One thing she told me herself is that she can not talk about her family back in Bangkok. She gets one phone call a week from her parents. Also, they don’t get to come to visit her while she’s here. Her favorite food so far is the burger and fries. She arrived in Snyder just before Thunder by the River and it’s popular around this area and she was able to experience truck and tractor pulls.

She has never been able to experience her very own birthday party until she was here in the united states. Her birthday is on September 4, 2003.  Her family that in Snyder threw her apart with cake and balloons etc.