Saying Goodbye to the Old Rooster Teeth

Samantha Stadt, Writer

    Rooster Teeth, a fan-driven community-built entertainment company, is a force to be reckoned with. Wellknown for its popular shows, Red vs. Blue, RWBY, and Camp Camp. Rooster Teeth has made its mark. Surprising all fans with its most famous show Red vs Blue, the hard work and dedication the Rooster Teeth team has put into producing the show that is worth viewing. With Red vs Blue being a beloved showit surprised fans on August 7th, 2020, when Rooster Teeth announced it would be reviewing and removing content on their website.  

                On the Rooster Teeth website, Rooster Teeth themselves posted a three-paragraph announcement informing fans of their decision.  In their announcement, Rooster Teeth took their time to discuss what is happening behind the scenes. Rooster Teeth explained that they took a look at 17 plus years of videos. With that, they explained that just not all the videos fit their values of Rooster Teeth today.  They even claimed that some of the videos were counterproductive to the work they strive to do, which is, to be more inclusive of all people. Even though Rooster Teeth did their best to explain their views, the fans had very mixed feelings.  

             In response to the announcement, there are eight hundred and twenty-six comments.  Fans are either angry at the way Rooster Teeth is handling its past, or they are extremely happy about this major decision. People who believe this decision is wrong to explain in the comments that it was just simply humored back in the day, that yes, it is bad, but it was never meant to harm people.  Some even refer to how Warner Brothers handled their past episodes, which contained a disclaimer for out of date humor. Some fans supported the decision commenting that it is a step in the right direction for a more accepted community surrounding the shows they love. Even with all the fanfare surrounding this announcement, Rooster Teeth has yet to comment further on what they are planning to do.