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Trojan Times

2019-2020 Staff

Elissa Dames


Senior Elissa Dames prefers toast with nothing on it. She loves the Marvel Cinematic Universe, graphic design, videography, cats and music. She has an airspace full of ideas and things she wants to try, but time always limits ...

Laythen Streit

Web Master

This is Laythen Streit’s second year in Journalism and first year in the yearbook, He is the lord when it comes to procrastination, but despite his laziness, he is very passionate about his writing. In his spare time he loves to p...

Samantha Stadt

Staff Writer

Samantha Page Stadt hates hot food. By hot food she means spicy food. Samantha who likes to go by Sam has a cat named Daibol. Her parents would not let her name her cat Evil so she named it Dabiol with her father's approval. Sam...

Sydney Wolfgram

Staff Writer

Sydney Wolfgram is a junior at Scribner-Snyder. This is her second year being in a Journalism class. She likes to watch movies and YouTube videos. One of her favorite movies that’s complicated is Beautiful Boy. ...

Jozelyn Ruppert

Staff Writer

Jozelyn Ruppert is a senior. She’s very tall. SIKE. A makeup guru. This is her second year in yearbook and her first year in newspaper.

Krystal Bigley

Staff Writer

Krystal Bigley is a Junior in high school. She is a part of the Newspaper staff at Scribner-Snyder school. Krystal is so spicy when someone pronounces caramel as caramel. She loves to eat caramel all the time....

Harley Baker

Editorial Cartoonist

Harley Baker is a junior at Scribner-Snyder. This is his first year writing articles. He can't write to save his life, but he can procrastinate until he fails. And that is his way of life.

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